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Thousands of nonprofits trust CauseVox.

Thousands of nonprofits trust CauseVox.

I love CauseVox — it makes our fundraising efforts easy to approach every year. It’s easy to use for staff and fundraisers.

Aishwariya Chandrasekar

Development Manager at VisArts

We could not have raised $100k without CauseVox. It’s a snap to set up pages and within a few weeks, CauseVox paid for itself. People were waiting to throw money at us.

Alice Laussade

CEO at Meat Fight

One year we switched platforms but the next year we came back. CauseVox is much easier to use for us and our p2p participants. I love it.

Taylor Adachi

Associate Executive Director at Carousel Ranch

Our first year doing this, we raised $8,000. The next year, we raised $12,500, and in the follow year, we raised $21,000! We appreciate that CauseVox works — it’s reliable, doing everything a fundraising platform should do.

Russ Hargrove

Chief Development Officer at HOPE worldwide

We’re very happy with how well our virtual fundraiser went this year on CauseVox. We never dreamed we could raise nearly as much with a virtual fundraiser as we could with a traditional dinner/auction. We appreciate CauseVox’s help with it!

Allyson Smith

Foundation Manager at Hancock Health Foundation

Our old platform was really hard to navigate. And since joining CauseVox, we’ve gotten rave reviews about the usability of the platform. We’re really excited about how this tool has really helped us.

I would say just sign up for CauseVox as soon as possible.

April Hearne

Managing Director at Amigos de las Americas

Our “Adjusting Our Sails” campaign on CauseVox has been a great success. We’ve raised needed funds for the Alliance, but we’ve also generated unexpected revenue for nonprofit hospices. The peer-to-peer experience has been exceptional, and our all-volunteer board is very enthusiastic about the platform.

Our success with CauseVox makes the board members who recommended it look brilliant.

Bill Northwood

Treasurer at National Hospice Regatta Alliance

CauseVox’s platform is fabulous and I’ve really enjoyed learning from the team.

They’re really well informed. The site really works well in terms of delivering exactly what we needed. Thanks to CauseVox for being so accessible!

Erica Ruben

Executive Director at Dancing in the Streets

In prior years, most of our staff time was spent on technical support—helping people sign up on the site, set up their personal page, and troubleshooting issues.

This year, because CauseVox was so much easier to use we were able to put much more time and effort into supporting our p2p fundraising efforts.

Kelly McLaughlin

Director of Development

Excellent team, great customer service. They opened up a whole new world of fundraising for our very small nonprofit.

Vicki Balint

Communications and Media Specialist at AZAEYC

The technical support is better than I’ve experienced anywhere else.

The CauseVox team is hyper-focused on creating a fabulous product that helps people in your organization raise funds as seamlessly as possible, and it shows.

Lauren Spokane

Director of Development at Faith In Action

When my IT guy was talking to me about CauseVox, he said, “It’s super simple, literally anyone can do it,” and I thought “That’s perfect! That’s me. I’m not very tech savvy.” And I really appreciated that CauseVox was very user-friendly for fundraisers and that’s most important thing.

Priya Patel

Digital Fundraising at GLAAD

CauseVox is easy to use, with no IT department needed.

One of the most important features for me is that it looks great, and I can go in and customize each and every campaign, creating a great donor experience.

Jake Vermillion

Director at Mortgage Professionals Providing Hope

It’s not common to be able to learn a new system without watching six hours of tutorial videos and sending 30 emails to a help-desk (and then waiting 3 days for a response). But with CauseVox, I was able to feel confident using the system after walking through the set-up steps of my first campaign.

And when I did have to send a couple of emails to their help-desk – I received prompt assistance. I can’t say how much this means to a one-person development department.

Amanda Mulder - 20 Liters

Amanda Mulder

Development Director at 20 Liters

CauseVox has been our most consistent tool yet for fundraising, helping us minimize cost and maximize efficiency. 

With the ability to customize campaigns, enlist individual fundraisers onto teams, and connect everything to Salesforce fairly seamlessly, our team has a clear direction daily on how to best support our clients.

Jordan Finewax

Jordan Finewax

Account Manager, Partnerships at eSight

In our first year, we raised $18,778. Then, in our next year we wound up raising an astounding $55,903 through CauseVox. Based on our needs, we have found CauseVox to be an ideal fundraising platform.

David Cohn

Executive Director at The First Tee of Southeast Wisconsin

CauseVox’s customer service was impeccable.

Their team members were readily available to answer any questions we had or address any issues. The campaign ran as smooth as I could have hoped.

Rachael Younger

LBDI Chair at Junior League of St. Petersburg

With a limited staff and limited budget, I want to use technology the best we can. CauseVox has an easier to manage fundraising platform, was more budget friendly, and overall, a better fit for our needs. We’re thrilled that CauseVox is part of this plan!

Anne Watson

Executive Director at St. Vincent de Paul Society of St. Joseph County

Unlike other fundraising platforms, CauseVox puts the control in my hands.

The flexibility of the platform allows me to create campaigns that look and feel like it’s part of my native website. This goes a long way for donor trust and conversion.

kenny kane

Kenny Kane

Executive Director at Testicular Cancer Foundation

Utilizing CauseVox has afforded us the ability to focus on campaign fundraising, instead of technical issues or anything else. It’s easy for donors to give, and your customer service is top notch.

Zakkiyya Reece

Development Assistant at Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen

CauseVox was the best match because of the way you can set up team and personal fundraising pages.

I was looking to get away from spending so much time managing the technical aspect of the site (like I did with what we used previously), and it’s a lot easier for people to make their own profile. It’s a lot easier!

Blaise Moehl

Communications Associate at Pensacola Habitat for Humanity

I’ve had a great experience with using CauseVox. The customer service is very responsive, and their learning center has a lot of useful information for nonprofits.


Melissa Benjamin

Director of Development at Fiver Children’s Foundation

I really like how easy it is to use, how versatile it can be and how helpful the support is.

Shawn Buck

Partner Relations Manager at Ubuntu Football

CauseVox is user friendly and intuitive. It allows for lots of customization and is simple to update.

Jennifer Heale

Community & Corporate Fundraising Specialist at Queensway Carleton Hospital Foundation

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