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CauseVox replaces outdated donation forms and
buttons so you get more donations daily.

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    Best-in-class donation forms for everyone

    Get more donations through the power of digital marketing

    Donation forms augmented with modern marketing techniques to convert more donors.


    Automatically forward donors to any page you like after their donation.

    Automated receipts

    Personalize email receipts to donors, branded to your organization.

    Use your donation form anywhere

    Full flexibility to support your unique fundraising idea.

    Never sweat the
    administrative stuff again

    Get more insights and run all your fundraising in one place.
    Your command center for digital fundraising.

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    other applications and platforms

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    Proven best practices that
    increase giving daily

    Donation tiers w/
    impact descriptions

    Customize your suggested giving levels. Add in descriptions to tie the amount to impact.

    Cover your fee

    Donors can cover your credit card and platform fees.

    Custom fields

    Ask your own questions on your donation form (ex. phone number or t-shirt size).

    Flexible recurring donations

    Restrict and/or default donations to only recurring donations.

    Self-managed recurring donations.

    Recurring donors can update their donation on their own.

    Plus many other features

    • One-time donations
    • Recurring donations
    • Automated card updates
    • Custom data fields
    • Suggested giving levels
    • Admin dashboard
    • Global currencies
    • Smart notifications
    • Unlimited variations
    • Offline donations
    • Integrations
    • Mobile payments
    • Industry standard security
    • Social sharing
    • Daily fund disbursements
    • Automated donation receipts

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