The easiest way to do peer to peer fundraising.

Run peer to peer fundraising with clutter-free admin control, time-saving fundraising automation, and real-time reporting without the extra effort.

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    The best fit for nonprofit virtual fundraising.

    Use p2p fundraising for everything.





    Virtual Runs,
    Walks & Races


    Beautifully designed fundraising pages that drive more donations.

    Take a tour of your peer to peer campaign site.

    Self-service fundraising page setup for everyone.

    Supporters can easily create their personal page in minutes,
    from anywhere.

    Reclaim hours of work by
    automating your fundraising tasks.

    Triggered Emails

    Automatically send emails to fundraisers and donors

    Smart-fill Personal and Team Pages

    Add default photos, fundraising goals, and appeals.

    1-1 Messaging

    Send personalized messages to any


    Receive daily email summaries of
    fundraising activities.

    You own your donor and fundraiser data.

    Data from campaigns are tracked and organized in an
    administrative dashboard seamlessly.

    Connect CauseVox with 1500+
    other applications and platforms

    Recommended integrations:

    Power features for any type of
    peer to peer fundraising

    Activity metrics

    Count miles walked or steps climbed in your virtual event.

    Mobile payments

    Quickly take donations through Apple/Google Pay.

    registration fee

    Collect a fee for your peer to peer fundraising event.

    Design editor

    Fully brand your pages without any code.

    Custom fields

    Add any question to your donation form or fundraising page.

    Fundraising thermometer

    Showcase real-time fundraising progress.

    Packed with features to increase giving and reduce tedious tasks.

    • Video and photo embed
    • Personal fundraising pages
    • Team fundraising pages
    • 100% self-service setup
    • Impact and donation counter
    • Social media and emails
    • Branded pages
    • Administrative management
    • Insights and reporting
    • Unlimited campaigns
    • Custom vanity domain
    • Recurring donations
    • Smart forms
    • More features

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