More insights,
less guessing

Track and run your digital fundraising with real-time reporting on metrics that drive more donations.

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    Less manual tracking, more automation

    Unlike your clunky donor database or folder of spreadsheets, use the CauseVox Fundraising CRM to effortlessly organize, track and build relationships with your contacts.

    • Easily import your existing contacts and donors and start building historical data.
    • Keep your contacts up to date. The CauseVox Fundraising CRM automatically creates and updates your contact’s information in real-time as activity happens.
    • Organize your contacts. Automatically segment your contacts into groups based on type, campaign, or activity.

    Less time spent on administration

    Access your donor data at any time through a frustration-free interface that you and your team will love.

    • View contact profiles to see a real-time giving history, address info, receipting, and more.
    • Grant administrative access to your fundraising team so they can view donor history and profiles.
    • Filter and export full donor data at any time for offline use.
    • Integrate CauseVox data with 1500+ tools, such as Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, and Salesforce.
    • Find specific transactions or contacts through a global search function.

    Less guessing, more insight

    Use the Insights Dashboard keep a bird’s-eye view of fundraising progress, spot trends, and uncover new opportunities to take action.

    • Find specific transactions or contacts through a global search function.
    • Discover your best donors and peer to peer fundraisers.
    • Automatically view the lifetime value of a donor.
    • Track incoming donations, YTD raised, and cumulative fundraising progress.

    Fundraising CRM Features

    Easily organize, track and build better relationships with your donors and fundraisers through these features.

    Contact Profiles

    Automatically updated contact profiles based on digital fundraising activity.

    Insights Dashboard

    Keep track of fundraising progress and spot trends.

    Activity Feed

    View incoming donations and latest digital activity.


    Distinctly group contacts based on tag, type, or source.

    Donation Import

    Load in historical contacts and giving history.

    Data Export

    Filter and download full donor data at any time.

    Donation Receipts

    Automatically send email donation receipts to donors.

    Multiple Admins

    Collaborate with team members to manage your contacts.

    Search and Filtering

    Quickly find the exact information you need.

    + More Features

    Dozens of additional features designed to drive more donations.

    Integrates with 1500+ other tools

    CauseVox plays nice with your other fundraising tools eliminating manual, time-consuming tasks.

    We champion the do-gooders that do

    No matter your mission or size, get 1-1 hands-on help from real people who are behind you every step of the way. Get started with CauseVox today.

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